Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Monster Unch!

here a little story when i needed to do a monster puppet for a live -action -mix -with -animation -feature film.
it will be on screen about 10 seconds in the end... but i get to have fun with other peoples money to build one and later to animate it too. 
...you know when you have good ideas... but is not your film... so you do as they pay you...does that not make you feel like courtisan?; a very patient, plastelin sculpting,  latex moulding, fine painting,  wire twisting courtisan?... but this is not really an exploitation film, so the result's not too painful to see. s'il vous plait...x

here the first attempt in 1/3 scale to tickle the art directors eye... it was his design after all.

The planned armature for the original drawing that did not really do in the end. wire armature to safe money/time /the monster was said not to move much... (promises...)

i do not know how to make pictures to change place yet so it is a bit of a pulp fiction... anyways: here the monster ready with all it's Tina Turner kinda glory... tho i think Tina looks good in her hair and the monster (George) just reminds me of the horror of the 80's.

The molding process fun! end up using Gypsona strips after a day with Moulage... was an exiting experiment tho! see my sponge bob tool box there!? if you ever tell your friends casually that you like SB they will drown you with the merchandise! sometimes even the useful stuff.

And then there was the sculpting process of this 17inch monster. i do think this phase was when it looked the scariest. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2008